Saturday, September 13, 2014

Police Brutality

I used to do scuzzbuckets of the week, which focused on regular citizens doing ugly things. Now with all the stories about Police Brutality, I just may start a series taken from the treasure trove of horrific actions of the nations police force on a regular basis.

from, the story of police brutally arresting a terminally ill man

From the above link, here is the story:
Jeffery Brian Bane, 39, was arrested Saturday, Sept. 6, and charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer and battery on an officer.

This is actually a story about police harassing and assaulting a terminally-ill man. They simply confused his symptoms for intoxication.

A statement to the Free Thought Project by his nephew, Josh Banes explains that he actually suffers from Huntington’s Disease, which he described as being “very similar to Parkinson’s.”

“Assuming because of his appearance he was high on narcotics with out reason they began to sub due him, macing and beating him in the head as he fell to his face were he was then held with a great amount of force by two officers double his size as a third one landed on his torso,” the statement read. “For the the next ten minutes as my cousins watch unattended, my uncle pleads and cries out in pain for the lack of breath and agony being applied to him.”

According to the Huntington Disease Society of America, (HDSA) the disease, which is hereditary and incurable, prompts deterioration of nerve cells in the brain.

“As the disease progresses, concentration and short-term memory diminish and involuntary movements of the head, trunk and limbs increase,” the HDSA states on its website. “Walking, speaking and swallowing abilities deteriorate. Eventually the person is unable to care for him or herself. Death follows from complications such as choking, infection or heart failure.”

A female bystander came upon the arrest and was so disturbed by what she saw that she called an ambulance and started filming with her mobile phone. After a short while she is approached by an officer and herself threatened with arrest.

“How are you involved with this guy?” he asks.

“I just was driving by,” she replies. “This is insane. I’m not doing anything wrong, either, and I’m on private property,”

She demands to know why the officers are refusing to handcuff the suspect even though he is bleeding and gurgling.

“He is choking on his own blood,” she says. “I can hear it from my car.”

“Okay, but these aren’t your kids and you don’t know –” the officer says. But she cuts him off with:

“No, I don’t,” she says. “But this is wrong.”

“If you want to continue filming, that’s okay,” the officer says. “If you continue to be loud and boisterous, I will arrest you for obstructing, okay?”

“Just leave me alone,” she replies.

The Bane’s family have launched an online campaign to have the charges against him dropped.

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