Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tributes to Robin Williams

There are SO MANY beautiful tributes on Facebook, I'd like to share them here.

from Astronaut Buzz Aldrin:

I regarded Robin Williams as a friend and fellow sufferer. His passing is a great loss. The torment of depression and the complications of addiction that accompany it affect millions, including myself and family members before me - my grandfather committed suicide before I was born and my mother the year before I went to the moon - along with hundreds of veterans who come to a similar fate each year. As individuals and as a nation we need to be compassionate and supportive of all who suffer and give them the resources to face life. ‪#‎RobinWilliams‬ RIP

From the a nice article regarding those who think suicide is a selfish act.

From Rolling Stone online this compilation of videos of Williams' comedy routines:
"From his pre–Mork stand-up to a 'Set List' guest appearance last year, here's a history of Robin Williams in 15 jokes"

NPR's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross interviewed Williams in 2006. listen here

Sharing videos found on youtube, but not many. To find more, go to youtube and search for Robin Williams tribute.

"> click to see

Time dot com has put together a chart showing All 101 of Robin Williams’ Defining Roles here

RIP, Robin.

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