Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the world is SICK

In an article from "The Daily Beast", the description of what young children from an orphanage witnessed just after some "rebel" shot down a passenger jet over the Ukrane. I won't post the whole article because it is to awful. I feel so much sorrow for those children. Here is what I will take from the article:

"Maybe when the Torez orphans are grown there will be a truly definitive picture of what happened. For now, even the tragedy that left many local people in shock and heartbroken has not brought on a lull in the fighting. Ukrainian warplanes and helicopters continue to fly over the area all the time, and often they bomb with little accuracy or discrimination."

Why is it that - at this time - children are being victimized in so many places? Why children? Grown men have caused the haoc around the world and CHILDREN are suffering.

In Israel

In Gaza

And the story that Americans should be embarasssed about The children fleeing Central America.

PLEASE don't disregard the links. PLEASE read them. We need to know and somehow try to stop this

And it's not isolated to these three incidents. Child abuse is running rampant in the US. I don't want to google child abuse around the world.

This is fucked up, y'all. Pray for the children.

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