Monday, July 22, 2013

Scuzzbucket of the Week

Word is that there is a pit bull holding facility in Ellisville, Mississippi (near Hattiesburg).
I nominate the mayor of Ellisville, Mississippi: Tim Waldrup.

Apparently he is aware of a cinderblock building where Pittbulls are kept until they are put to death. Given the conditions of this buildings, euthanization is probably a relief for these poor dogs.

These dogs are kept in unsanitary, rusty kennels in a cinder block building that has no air conditioner and very little ventilation. The residents of Ellisville Ms have been in the dark about this place for many years. The building sits in a parking lot of the local community college.

The City workers say that they hold the dogs here for 5 days and then the dogs are euthanized. People in the area never knew what this building was, many just thought it was a storage building of some sorts.

Feel free to contact the 'good old boy' Mayor:

Tim Waldrup
P.O. Box 688
Ellisville, MS 39437
Phone: 601-477-3323

If you're interested, you can sign a petition for better treatment of these poor dogs here

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