Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Prayer for Oklahoma

God of our hearts,
we search our shared sky
for the rainbow
of your unwavering love
to arch over our hearts
when the pain of unimagiable loss
swirls and thrashes us to dust.
Oh please Abba,
shelter those whose lives
have been blown into the abyss
that they may know your peace
after the storm
in the storm
on the horizon of their hearts.
Oh Mother,
thou who were, are and will be
the creator and animator
of love in our frames,
may we be that which will
make palpable your grace
in the graceless days before us.
Brother Christ,
grant us the will
to rise and go
to those whose pain
surpasses our comprehension
but not our compassion.
Endless Spirit,
in the days ahead
when there is no calm
after the storm
we pray
that we may be still
and know.

By Kimberly Knight

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