Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2 Years Ago

While browsing through my photos on Sunday, I realized that just a small fraction of what I take ends up online and the rest stay in neat little labelled folders on my external hard drive. I decided to look back and find shots taken around todays date.

I found these taken on May 15th, 2011. We took a swamp tour (something we've never done and the Honey Island Swamp is right in our backyard). We chose Pearl River Eco Tours thanks for a Groupon I found. It was an informative trip with a lot of beautiful sights. Being deep in the swamp gives one a special feeling of being in a place that is sacred in it's natural beauty.

Here are three shots from that trip:

The serenity of the swamp

The gators know that when they hear the swamp boats coming that it's time to get either a marshmallow or a piece of red hot dog.

I liked the reflection of this water flower (hyacinth?)

If you ever get the chance to take the tour, I highly recommend it. It's not just for tourists.

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