Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sun Room

The past several weeks have been more gloomy than sunny. The ground is saturated and it's difficult to play with my "throw the ball" Labrador in the yard without him becoming a muddy mess. So I improvise and we play ball in the house, which entails using nasty, slimy balls that leave snail trails on the floors. I refuse to wash the floors until this rainy spell is over because it would just be a waste of time.

To help pass the time during these gray days, I decided to spend some time in the Sun Room and spruce it up in anticipation of a sunny Spring. So I introduce you to my Sun Room through pictures.

This is the entrance to my room of windows.

This stunning seashell hanging was purchased in Biloxi before Katrina.

I have collected so many shells and driftwood, I decided that the Sun Room would have a "beach" theme.

After years of not having enough space, I have found a place for all my suncatchers!

This beauty was created by New Orleans artist of found object folk art Lance Vargas

The driftwood is safely tucked away from the dog!

This piece - found in Fountainbleau State Park - looks like a gator

An homage to our last trip to Dauphin Island

This piece was found in my husband's mothers house - a minnow trap. I'm looking for a spot to display it

I found this stool/table on Overstock dot com. Made in Vietnam, it's real slices of wood

Big Sam approves of the new cushions.

I can hardly wait for the warmer, sunnier days of Spring to let this room shine in all her beauty!

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Jude said...

That is such a cool room; wish I had something that nice! I can't decide what is my favorite the shell hanging or that wood box. I'm going to just go ahead and say that the kitty is the best thing in the room!