Monday, February 25, 2013

A new LOW

I have been caught by some of the "headlines" from the satirical website The Onion . They are usually well-done, witty and really do catch you doing a double take

But the Onion reached a new low in internet blogging when they referred to Beasts of the Southern Wild's child star, 9 year old Quvenzhan Wallis as a cunt. She's 9 years old. Some one - perhaps a 18 year old drunken college student - decided that this was an easy thing to do to make other 18 year old college students laugh.

I have to admit I turned the Oscars off before the opening monologue was done due to the sophmoric comments made by the 'host' Seth McFarlane. Then I realized that this person is responsible for the show "family guy" or whatever it's real name is. I watched the program once. It's sophmoric. It's the first word I come up with. Most older people (i.e. over 50) don't get into this kind of humor. It's so ......... teenaged, 20-something. I can't identify with it.

Stooping to calling a 9 year old girl a cunt is the lowest of low.

Sure they "apologized" for it. But they really didn't mean it. To them it was funny.

Glad I'm not them.

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Charlotte said...

I'm with you. I didn't have a clue who Seth M. was until I read he's on (?) Family Guy. I tried watching it once & turned it off before it was over. Completely sophomoric. I can't figure out how mean humor continues to thrive in an era when people say they're against bullying. This humor IS bullying when it's targeted to specific people.
I have to say, too, I'm speechless about how many of my acquaintances thought the tweet was OK & inferred we just don't get it. I don't want to get it.