Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Criminals is stupid

From wwl.com:

Police say a former employee of a Slidell seafood business apparently didn't think his cunning plan all the way through. (Scroll down to view video of the bucket-clad burglar.)

Investigators say 23-year--old Richard Boudreaux- former employee who planned on going on a "burglary spree" to get some quick cash.

Slidell PD Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says Boudreaux is a former employee of Kenney’s Seafood, and arrived at the business "dressed in all camouflage, wore gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints, and packed burglary tools."

Police say everything was going as planned in the caper...until Boudreaux realized he forgot his mask to cover his identity.

Detective Seuzeneau describes what happened next: "Remembering that his former place of employment had surveillance cameras, Boudreaux improvised and found a bucket to put over his head as he scoured the business, looking for money; however, the surveillance cameras caught a glimpse of his face which ultimately led to police identifying Boudreaux as the burglar."

Detectives say Boudreaux was able to get away with money from the cash register at Kenny's, then went to a nearby pawnshop and tried to burglarize that business as well.

After he could not gain entry into the closed Pawn shop, Boudreaux took his loot from the seafood business and went home, according to police.

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bayoucreole said...

Now that's a true scum-bucket...really stupid!