Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scuzzbucket from the South

Racist Redneck Danny Hafley, center.

My latest scumbag hails from the bluegrass state of Kentucky .

His name is Danny Hafley. Here is his part of the story:

From Hufpo:
Danny Hafley of Casey County, Ky. said this week that people are reading the mannequin in his front yard depicting President Barack Obama eating a watermelon completely wrong

"The way I look at it, it's freedom of speech," Hafley said in a recent interview, going on to state that he had included the watermelon not in attempt to play to any racist stereotypes, but because the statue "might get hungry standing out here."

Now that a black president has been elected and RE-elected - with OVER 50% of the vote - the rednecks and scary ultra conservatives are coming out using their freedom of speech in a 1960's racist manner. And that's okay, this is America.

I am SO very sick of things like this happening in our country. The United States was built to believe that everyone is welcome. No race/creed/color matters

In fact, have you noticed how beautiful

multi-racial children are?

To all of you bigotted (is that spelled right?) rednecks: continue to show how ignorant, shallow and uneducated you are. You're not getting it. Stop thinking about your views and start thinking about rebuilding ALL of America to welcome and create a diverse culture. You just might learn from it.

Let's hope this story of America in 2012 is a turning point in our silly, childish racist views.

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bayoucreole said...

Judy, this picture actually made me laugh. This man is clearly in the back of the woods and he feels as if he's making some REAL statement about our Harvard grad POTUS...that's funny. Poor Danny...must be hard having a black POTUS twice...can't call the first term a fluke when there's a second one.