Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hey! The time is NOW

While doing dishes tonight, I reflected on the days news. And became royally PISSED OFF.

HEY,Washington DC!!! THE TIME IS NOW. Y'all have been fucking around with this fiscal cliff bullshit and other bills that pisses me off.

It's time for ELECTED AMERICANS to do their jobs.

It's time for AMERICANS to flood the with messagesto do the right thing - which is just the opposite of where their allegiances are now.

What's sad is that the people you voted for made false promises to get your votes and then joined the "good old boys club" which locked them into votes that were against their initial heartfelt beliefs. It's sickening.

So we won't go over the "FISCAL CLIFF". These SOB's will just delay the vote for another group to vote on. Talk about limp dicks. Funny, when I think of limp dicks, all I see are John Bay-nor's and Mich McConnell's faces.

How do these people think they earn their paychecks?

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