Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Festivals in SE Louisiana

During the past month we've attended a few fests here in the New Orleans area.

There was the Crescent City Blues and BBQ Fest in Lafayette Square

We'd waited a year to see Keb Mo perform. He was his perfect self. This festival was dampened by the fact that I tripped over a wire that must've been related to conduit that was once a parking meter.

It doesn't look evil, but this is the wire sticking out of the surface that tripped me.

It is related to a parking lot on St. Charles and Union

AND I ended up in Tulane's E.R. for 3 hours and 3 stiches AND a tetanus shot. My ribs are still bruised from where I landed on my Nikon D90 and my poor camera can't support filters any more (woe is me, LOL)

We walked back to the fest to see Keb Mo. He was was great, but we left early due to the fact that I wasn't in a festive mood (read heart palpitations from another adventure of mine this year).

But at today's festival - held in historic Covington Louisiana - the Three Rivers Arts Festival we maintained a strict vigilence to watch out for broken pavement and such. I am proud to say that I didn't fall one time!!! And we actually got some good flix to share with y'all. I also took a lot of windows for my Windows Wednesday series.

Covington is a town almost as old as New Orleans and her architecture shows it. The city is also the home to the artsy-fartsy people who put on a festival like Three Rivers. Don't get me wrong, I love walking thru this Festival, but some of the people are rather phoney for my taste.

On the other hand we caught a lot of pictures that capture the intrigue,beauty and talent that is showcased by the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Take a look!

There were several vendors selling these awsome glass globes.

There were artisans working in metal, pottery and wood, creating bowls, vases, bread pans, fresh flower holders and more.

This glass vase was at it's most beautiful when the sun shone on it.

These glass globes were shown off using white lights inside one of the many open art galleries on Columbia Street, where the festival took place.

Awesome wood sculptures of New Orleans' iconic architecture were featured

The weater was beautiful, allowing us to enjoy tiny flowers still blooming in November.

This fountain can be found walking toward the historic Columbia Street Landing

We took a tour of Dependable Glass Works where we learned that - not only do they do glass - they do glass ANY WAY you want it. This pane is just an example of the hundreds of variations they offer. It was a fascinating tour

I loved how this glass sculpture of the state of Louisiana sitting on a colored glass countertop looked.

The sky was covered with puffy clouds, it was awesome. I just wish I'd taken a picture of it!! We liked the look of this very old vent.

This was a very cool, funky sculpture

Here is a bigger view of her work. And here is her webpage for more interesting papier mache work

This artist was selling colorful gourds.

Metal sculptures of all kinds were offered

And this artist had huge garden metal sculptures

It was an enjoyable few hours. We try to go every year because this festival has quality art work, not just Christmas Bazaar type items.

Here are links to some of the artists we found interesting:

Bergeron Woodworks, who creates fantastically beautiful wooden chests and other furniture from discarded wood .

Works of Man. This artist has a whimsical spirit. He was quite friendly and his work on miniature "machines" is incredible!

Savoye Originals.
His work with various materials is excellent. His gallery is fun to look through. It's on Columbia Street.

Out of Thibodaux, Bergeron Woodworks creates very beautiful furniture and framing

John Perilloux from Robert Louisiana creates awesome tables and lamps with a nod toward natural lines.

Natural Frames by Organic woodworking are beautiful. Check out their website!

Joshua Lee Studio in New Orleans. His work depicts life in New Orleans and is very, very good

My favorite jewery creater was Chester Allen His work is unique, beautiful and each piece has a story. Check him out for your Christmas shopping!

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