Monday, October 01, 2012

Idiots on Parade 4

Is it the cold weather? This woman's been cah-ray-zee for a long time, but now she's bordering on completely off her rocker. I cannot BELIEVE there are people who elected this bimbo:

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann courted controversy today by claiming that falafel and other "jihadi foods" should be banned from school lunches in the United States.

In an interview with local television station KSTP in Minneapolis, Bachmann explained that after visiting a local elementary school she was shocked to find that falafel - a fried vegetable patty popular in the Arab world - was being served as a option on the vegetarian menu.

Now, instead of being pleased that these schools are taking the opportunity to introduce new foods to kids, she's turning it into a "holy war". What an embarassment.

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