Friday, October 05, 2012

The Inequality Report Card

From The Institute for Policy Studies the "Inequality Report Card".

This interactive website allows you to click on your state/parish (county) to see which representative is related to a that section of your state. When you click on it, a pop-up pops-up, giving you information about contacting the person via telephone/Twitter/Facebook, etc. I think this website makes it extremely easy for people to get involved. But I guess only people who usually get involved will use this website. Kudos to IPS for putting this together!

From their site:

Members of Congress have the capacity to make sure that all Americans, not just a privileged few, share in the wealth that we all together create. This first IPS “inequality report card” evaluates current members on how well they are exercising this power.

The report card is based on 40 legislative actions taken over the past two years that relate to inequality. The bills range from legislation to establish a “Buffett Rule” minimum tax rate that all wealthy Americans must pay to a measure that would raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation.

Check it out!

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