Monday, September 10, 2012

Farewell, Isaac

It's been almost two weeks since Hurricane Isaac visited and I feel as if I'm just getting back to normal.

We didn't experience any real damage, thank God. But we thought the storm was never going to move on during those three days!

Good things come out of forced togetherness, though:

I got to spend some quality time with my beautiful daughter. We did crossword puzzles together and played monopoly. Seems like hurricanes are the only time we play monopoly. She won, of course.

I managed to fit in a few very happy naps in the darkness of our house. It was very, very nice.

We successfully cooked two delectable dinners on the grill, including a pasta dish.

There is something about being stuck at home with no electricity that drives us to want to eat constantly. I got so bad that when we got to get out to buy groceries on the third day I just HAD to have spaghettios. I never did open the can!

We just moved into our house in April, so we got a good idea of her structural strength and how the yard handles several inches of water. Everything passed with flying colors. An extra plus is how cool the house stayed during the three days without electricity.

The yard is clean now: I got a bucket full of fresh acorns for our squirrel and picked up what seemed to be a thousand pine cones. Looking forward to the end of hurricane season.

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