Monday, July 02, 2012

Death on an Indian Reservation

I will never understand why some people are allowed by nature to procreate. Just last week a precious 4 year old boy suffered at the hands of a sociopath who happens to be the boyfriend of the child's mother.

Carnel Chamberlain

According to the two-page criminal complaint, Jaimee Chamberlain told the FBI that she saw her son with a bruised and swollen face as well as a cut lip in late May or early June. She said he had been struck by Bennett when she was away from the home.

A few days later, she saw Bennett pick up her son by the neck and drop him before dragging him into a room by his foot, according to the court document.

It wasn't known why Jaimee Chamberlain allowed her son to be in her boyfriend's company if she believed he was abusing the boy. She answered her phone when contacted by The Associated Press but hung up without commenting.

Listen to this telephone interview. The mother sounds a bit on the "duh" side.

Here is the murderer, Anthony Bennett

In a statement made to the FBI, Jaimee Chamberlain admits to witnessing prior incidents of abuse by Bennet.

I certainly hope that he faces the death penalty and the mother is prosecuted for failing to report child abuse.

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