Friday, June 01, 2012

The time is NOW

I would like to start of with a warning that there is profane language in this post.....caused by the senseless killings going on in the NOLA area.

This past week has been especially violent in our country and it's only Thursday.
There's the Seattle killing where the perpetrator had "anger issues". His brother thought it would end this way. Hey, Bro! DO SOMETHING!

a neo-nazi murdered people before taking his own life (coward) in Arizona

The disturbing "zombie" thing in Miami

But the one that hits closest to my heart (actually there are TWO for me) is the cold blooded murder of a FIVE YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL in Central City at a birthday party for a 10 year old....who was also a victim. Luckily he lived. Can't imagine how fucked up he's gonna be.

The "kids" in the birthday party murder had two handguns and AN AK47. That's an assault rifle, y'all. There were two young men at the party that seem to be their targets. Those two are not cooperating with authorities.

Really, boys. Innocent people died because of whatever you may have done. Blood is on your hands.

Another murder that troubles me is the killing of a man my age - 58 years old - sitting on his stoop (front porch) when a 13 year old kid, accompanied by a 15 year old pull a gun on this man and demand "everything". Before this poor man could respond the little bastard 13 year old shoots the man in the abdomen. He died before the EMTs got there 15 minutes later.

I remember a few months after Katrina when thought about how we had a wonderful potential of rebuilding a New Orleans without the scum, murderers, drug bastards. But in the early months of 2006 the these animals came skulking back - without their parents in many cases.

It wasn't bad at first, but it turned into a tidal wave by 2007. And now - in 2012 things are in really bad shape. There is no respect for life in the minds of these killers: these "kids" would kill anything to get to whatever evil goal they have. I have seen references to "gang activity"
related to crimes committed in the last few months. People have been murdered GANGLAND STYLE.

Hey, there's an FBI webpage for gang activity in Louisiana. Maybe it needs a zap of electricity to wake it up?

It's time for something to happen. We can't just sit around and wring our hands and let these thugs win. I don't know what it will take to take control of the streets of New Orleans other than - as suggested by a commenter on the dreaded website - put a Navy Seal on every corner. It's a sickness that isn't unique to New Orleans. Chicago had 10 fatal shootings over the Memorial Day weekend, with 40 wounded.

Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Not to split hairs, but the AK they used was almost certainly not an assault rifle. It might have qualified as an assault weapon, this latter term being a mostly meaningless (as evidenced in part by how effortlessly it has been evaded) construct adopted for some state and (now expired) federal legislation.