Thursday, June 07, 2012

My Kids

Last December I witnessed my only child graduate from college.

I'm extremely proud of her. Although she still lives with us, she's all grown up now, with her future laid out ahead of her. She'll be leaving home soon, but I still have "kids" at home. Here they are

This is Deuce. He's part Lab, part Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is constantly happy and he thinks he's a small dog. Deuce is very smart, too. He amuses us constantly and thinks that if one of the other pets get a treat, HE should get a treat. Deuce is 18 months old and is not finished growing yet. (yikes!) When he stands on his hind legs he can look me in the eye.

This is "Squirrel". Hubby initially named him Chipper, but he answers to anything, really. In October of 2010 a cat that we no longer have (eaten by something from the woods behind our house) brought Squirrel and his brother into our house. We think the two fell from their nest during a very windy storm the night before. We bottle fed he and his brother, but his brother was weaker and didn't make it.

Sweetpea is 17 years old. We got her when my daughter was seven. She may outlive us all. We see Sweetpea about an hour a day when she comes out to eat. The rest of her time is spent sleeping under my daughter's bed.

Here's Gizmo/Moses/Gray Cat. He is also in his teens. Gizmo's hobby is going towards the back of the house howling his head off. Gizmo is a little wimp, but we love him nonetheless.

That's Meeko on the left and Midnight - her brother - on the right. We lost Midnight last October very suddenly when the vet discovered a mass on his kidneys. It was difficult because it all happened in one day. While we were at the vet's, we noticed a huge cat behind the counter in a cage. The girl working there said he had been looking for a home for over a year.

We adopted him right there. His name is Sam and he likes ham. He's 5 years old and 18 pounds of love. Sam softened the blow of losing Midnight a little bit and I believe part of Midnight is inside of him.

We'll always have pets, I think, especially rescues. I like that thought.


TravelingMermaid said...

We had a cat named Sweet Pea for abut 12 years. We love our furry children a lot too. Loves seeing this!

bayoucreole said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! Judy you're gonna make me get another baby darn it! :)

judy thorne said...

Rescue is the way to go. We rescued the dog last July and Sam the Ham cat in October. Since we lost our cat shortly after moving in the new house we're tempted to bring in a kitten.....