Thursday, May 10, 2012

The killing must stop

Sam over at NOLA Slate has penned a thought-provoking, heart wrenching post about the state of our kids killing kids and not just in New Orleans. It's happening all across the US. Her post is entitled stabat-mater-dolorosa-on-mothers-day_05


These are kids. Our kids. Their kids. OUR kids.

The blood is running down the streets like water after a rainstorm. The cop shop says isn't it terrible. The DA files a case against the accused. We all jump with glee that the asshole that did the shooting is caught.

And the mothers keen. And the mothers will never recover. And the family is broken beyond repair. And the mothers keen.

Why are we not looking at the societal issues that cause a 17 year old kid to feel that shooting a gun is the only way to settle a debt, or a moment of disrespect, or to make them a man? Why are guns so easily bought? Are we entering an entirely Darwinian age? Those who are the strongest by virtue of the weapons they carry are the winners? Really? Why are not furious at this situation?

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