Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Whiners are everywhere

Apparently Americans aren't the only ones who suffer from political correctness and wimpiness.

In China this is the year of the Dragon. To commemorate this, China's postal service plans to issue the stamp on the left. The image is meant to invoke another stamp, from back in 1878 — when the Qing Dynasty still ruled.

Some in China do not want the Dragon Stamp, citing "it looks too ferocious" and that it is "roaring and intimidating".
And here's a quote from the NPR story about the stamp:
"'The moment I saw the design of the dragon stamp on newspaper, I was almost scared to death,' wrote Zhang Yihe, on, China's Twitter-like social networking service and microblogging service provider

The Dragon stamp will go on sale this Thursday, just ahead of Chinese New Year on January 23rd.

The stamp on the right represents last year - the Year of the Rabbit. Perhaps the complainers want the Dragon to look as sweet and cuddly as the wabbit.

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