Thursday, November 03, 2011

Scuzzbucket of the Week

Mr. Toad himself

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equity research analyst Todd J. Remis had his own taste of the fairytale life during his wedding to Milena Grzibovska on Dec. 28, 2003, at Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, N.Y.

But when Remis and H & H Photography hooked up, the result was an entrepreneur's nightmare.

Remis has filed a lawsuit against H&H Photographers as well as its original founders, who are now both in their 80s, for $4,100 for the cost of photography plus $48,000 to bring back the principal attendees and recreate the wedding so new photos can be taken. What Remis failed to disclose in his legal papers is that he got divorced in 2008 -- and he doesn't know the address of his ex-wife, who returned to her native Latvia. "Honestly, I think the whole thing is an abusive lawsuit," Dan Fried told The Huffington Post. "Having to go through this along with my dad and partner and partner's dad is a real shame. We have a lot of pride in our work, a love of photography and thousands of happy clients over 65 years. The whole thing is a shame."

According to Fried, Remis came to the office in January 2004 to pick up his wedding proofs (though in legal papers, Remis denies getting any pictures). "He complained to us right away," says Fried. "And the company made an effort to try to find a common ground with him. We said if we missed something, we would be happy to offer another type of shoot or do touchup on some images and make some changes for the prints for the wedding album. But that was not enough for him."

Remis continued to file complaints but never picked up his wedding album or paid his final balance. After years, H&H sent Remis a bill for the outstanding amount due. "He responded with a threatening letter and then shortly thereafter, he sued," says Fried. That was in 2009, six years after the wedding, a year after the couple separated and a few weeks before the statute of limitations would have expired.

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Jude said...

I started to say, "must be nice to have so much money that this foolishness is an epic battle for this guy." Then I think, "No, I don't want this kind of money if this is the kind of person I would end up being." Somewhere out there is a guy sleeping on a park bench in the snow and this guy is throwing money at lawyers to sue for pictures that he really doesn't even want. Pathetic.