Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Who are the 99%?

Check them out here.

They're not unbathed hippies or drugged college students, they're real people.

From the link above, here are some excerpts:

Lost my job in 2006. Sold my home and moved in with my 87-year-old mother.
Worked temporary jobs on and off for over 5 years with little or no benefits.
Cancer survivor. Need medical care. Can’t afford health insurance.
Watching my retirement funds and savings shrink.
Moved to Mexico to get medical care. Rent a room and live on $250 a month. No car. No phone.
Mom is in the hospital and I wonder if I can afford to come home.
I AM the 99%.

I am a state C.N.A. with 20 years experience, I now make $10.33 an hour & have only 47 paid hours a month, do to state cuts. My 21 year old daughter is blind an has autism. Her income for personal care needs have been cut by 75%. My husband & I care for her 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My husband is a full time student. We have four children at home and live off of $1300.00 a month. We are reduced to eat low grade foods, live in a very little tiny 2 bedroom house. We have no medical or dental an i have had an abscess tooth for 4 months now. Our car is dying & who can afford $3.78 a gallon for gas anyways? The best part is unemployment says both my husband and I owe them money, because we had our jobs taken from us…. How does that work? So 1% how is life? READY FOR CHANGE… WE ARE THE 99% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The writer is totally fair, and there's no doubt.