Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Change in Plans

This week's post was supposed to cover the Crescent City Blues and BBQ festival which we were excited about attending.

Unfortunately, the little criminal below decided to derail my husband from descending the stairs on Friday night, forcing us to spend Saturday morning in the ER instead of heading to Lafayette Square in New Orleans.

Lucky for Beignet, the use of those blue eyes and cat charm has kept her from being evicted from our home.

So instead of wonderful pictures of Tab Benoit or Kenny Wayne Shepherd all I have are pix of our beloved Deuce (McAllister) still trying to figure out what 'retrieve' means.

I apologize ahead of time for the fact that I recently did a post on Deuce a few weeks ago. But I spent the day in a dang E.R. and didn't have anything else to post about at this late date. Besides, the pictures are great and he's a pretty dog. (just kidding in case you didn't know).

We're proud of Deuce and can't get enough of him and he can't get enough of our stuff. Heck, this morning he stole the medicated pain patches and aspercream I pulled out of the cabinet to help hubby and spread them all over the back yard after chewing them up.

So here are a few of the 500 pix I took of Deuce in his first class of retrieving yesterday (Oct 14th) in the Bogue Falaya River in Covington, Louisiana.

I love his concentration in this pic

Check out the water droplets at the end of his tail in this picture

Hopefully I will put together something for next week's post that doesn't involve our pets.....or not! Have a good week, y'all

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Anonymous said...

Judy, your photos are amazing-- you have the eye!