Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Wet Labor Day Weekend

September is the high point on the tropical activity calendar. We who live on the Gulf Coast accept the fact that our Labor Day weekends might possibly be hampered by tropical activity. And this year we have Tropical Storm Lee.

What follows are my pix taken on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain (approximately 30 miles away from the French Quarter). The pictures are not as sensational as the Weather Channel would have you believe about Lee's intensity. Lee is more of a slow moving storm than a powerful one. As I type this (Sunday at 8 AM) it's still pouring outside.

This was taken from Lakeview Drive, better known as Rats Nest Road in Slidell. The old piers destroyed by Katrina are in the foreground and the new Twin Spans can be seen in the background.

This train was moving slowly across the submerged marshland heading towards Lake Pontchartrain.

Six years Post Katrina, St. Genevieve Catholic Church in the Bayou Liberty area of Slidell (my neighborhood) is finally rebuilding.

I like this shot of the crosses of the chapel and church.

Bayou Liberty boat berths. Those poles in the foreground represent sunken boat slips.

Swings and benches submerged in Lee's flood waters.

This is what this area normally looks like.

Hubby pointed out the beauty of the Spanish Moss and the waters of Bayou Liberty.

This crazy truck driver drove through the flood waters to drop off a friend.

The "new" Bayou Liberty Bridge taken from the Church side of the Bayou.

A view of the piers on the St. Genevieve grounds.

A bright spot in all of this wet windy weather is that our 6 month old lab discovered how much he LOVES water!

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Jimbaux said...

Hey! I've just checked into your site for the first time in awhile, and I see that you've redesigned it, and you even have a neat train picture too! Nice! I hope you saw my post about the harassment from the NOPD. I'll try to check in more over here.