Monday, August 15, 2011

Scuzzbucket of the week

I can't put my mind around this horrific crime

The following is from the Houma Comet:

The "devil" came to Thibodaux Sunday, Jesslyn Lirette said, and he did so in the form of the man she was with for 10 years. The devil, she said, took her "angel" away.
Here's a video of a press conference held Monday - August 15, 2011

Jeremiah Wright, 30, Lirette's live-in boyfriend and the father of their child, 7-year-old Jori Lirette, is accused of killing the boy and dumping his dismembered body outside the West Seventh Street home the three shared.

Jori loved his father more than anything, Lirette said.

"He still killed him," she said. "He killed my baby."

A passing motorist alerted police after spotting the boy's head at the curbside. His body was found in a white trash bag nearby.

Jeremiah Wright, booked on a charge of first-degree murder, is accused of decapitating his son in the kitchen sink with a meat cleaver.

Wright is in the Lafourche Parish jail in lieu of a $5 million bond. If convicted, he faces mandatory life in prison and is eligible for the death penalty.

Police said Sunday they could not determine a motive for the killing, but family and friends said tension had been rising between Wright and Jesslyn Lirette for years. Jesslyn Lirette said she had an argument with Wright Saturday night, and those close to her said they had encouraged her to leave him.

"They had been on this rocky road," said Jesslyn's friend Samantha Scioneaux. "I told her ‘You have to end this before he kills you.' "

And while Wright acted as one of the boy's caretakers, Jesslyn said she had planned on ending the relationship for some time.

"I didn't get out fast enough," Jesslyn said.

Read more at the link provided at the beginning of this post. I'm disgusted.

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