Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lake Catherine's Rebirth

About 15 minutes from downtown New Orleans lies the little slip of land known as Lake Catherine.

Highway 90 is the road that traverses through Lake Catherine and Venetian Isles. For the past month I've been using this route to travel to work due to the heavy road construction taking place on Highway 11 and the twin spans. The commute is a little bit longer, but it allows me to relax while driving rather than dodge those huge deadly dump trucks.

Lake Catherine was literally flattened by Katrina. Before the storm this little community consisted of camps and small waterfront homes for fishermen weekend getaways for people living in the city. In the last three years Lake Catherine has seen a building boom of new camps and huge homes. Click here for a sampling of the various homes in the area.

What I enjoy the most about travelling through Lake Catherine are the signs the residents create for their homes/camps. You can see how people feel about their abodes by their signs. One Saturday hubby and I drove through Lake Catherine and took pictures of most of the signs and here they are. Enjoy!

Click on the photos for larger versions.

Here's another reason I enjoy riding through Lake Catherine

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