Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Need something to do this weekend?

  I just found out about this festival.  It’s the “New Orleans Roadfood Festival”.  From their website:


“Six blocks of Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter will be lined with dozens of top Roadfood cooks from New Orleans and all of Louisiana as well as across America, each offering a unique specialty.   This is NOT typical and expected festival fare:  it  is a tase of America’s most celebrated dishes, all gathered in one place:  a foodie’s dream.  Portions are right-sized and priced to provide everyone a chance to taste the maximum number of great regional eats as they stroll through the French Quarter inhaling delicious smells that range from real Texas pit barbecue to Pecan Pie to artisan boudin sausage made by Cajun country’s most beloved butchers.  There is no admission fee, just bring plenty of appetite”.


Some of the food to be served:

          Seafood chowder from Maine


          Sausage & Brisket

          Oyster Foch PoBoy from Antoine’s

          Crawfish Enchiladas

          Duck Cracklin

          Crawfish & Meat Pies

          5 Way Chili from Cincinnati

          Shrimp Remoulade Poboy

          Grilled Oysters


There’s more, but I’m getting very hungry.  Hoping we can be there this weekend!

Here’s the website:


Bon Apetit!


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