Monday, February 07, 2011

We found some pelicans

It seems like every day in the last week of January was cold and/or rainy. So when we awoke Saturday to sunshine, we decided to head to New Orleans East to Dong Phuong bakery for some
Banh Mi.

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For those of you who don't know what Bahn Mi is, it's basically a Vietnamese PoBoy and VERY delicious. At Dong Phuong they have a large variety of these sandwich for only $2.85/each! Click the link above for more info and a menu.

After getting the sandwiches, five loaves of pistollettes and 2 meatpies, we headed back down Highway 90 armed with our Nikons in search for whatever we could find (hubby and I are avid photographers if you haven't figured that out by now).

Our first stop: The Michoud Assembly Facility where I've worked for 29 years.

The next leg of our journey was down Highway 90 towards Lake Catherine to take a picture of all of the camp signs (the subject of another post).

Before we could get there, though, we had to stop for lunch at Bayou Bar & Grill in Venetian Isles (at the foot of the Chef Pass Bridge). The shrimp poboys were great and we were on our way again.

After getting thru Lake Catherine we headed towards Slidell on LA433. We saw some birds wading in the water and pulled over to try to get some pictures at Salt

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As we were photographing a young pelican coming in for a landing, a couple pulled up in a car to tell us that there were many more pelicans down the road a bit, so we headed into the heart of Salt Bayou. Sure enough there was a group of birds hiding from the strong north winds sunning themselves.

The wind was brutal, even in the sun. It got to a point where I couldn't see thru my viewfinder because my eyes were watering so badly.

We were also told that more pelicans could be found in the Carr Drive area of Slidell, and that's where we headed next.

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At the very end of Carr Drive was a large group of pelicans enjoying the late afternoon sun as well as other types of birds.

We took so many pictures! As soon as I sort thru them I will post additional pictures.

We had the bahn mi for dinner and it was DELICIOUS!

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