Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Film Industry in Hollywood South=Niche Housing Demand

By Jenny Peterson, New Orleans CityBusiness
Updates by Louisiana Entertainment staff

New Orleans’ robust film industry means high demand for short-term rental properties in and around the New Orleans area, and realtors and property owners are jumping on the market.

There are 50 private homes listed on the New Orleans Film Commission’s website as temporary housing for cast and crew. Numerous location scouts and realtors are also listed on the site, offering their services for those in the industry.

The market is so in demand that Robyn Flanery with Restoration Realty has made finding properties for the film industry her full-time job.

“The most lucrative (part) is the cast and crew housing. They want a house with all utilities paid and furnished,” Flanery said. “It’s kind of a niche market because a lot of the things out there for the film industry are not listed on the (Multiple Listing Service).”

It’s takes some creativity to be successful, Flanery said, especially with helping find set locations.

More homeowners have shown interest in listing their properties as well. Flanery said there recently was a seminar for property owners in the English Turn subdivision to learn how to list their homes.

Realtors’ commissions vary for each listing.

“I’ve gotten 60 percent of first month rent, some deals I get 15 percent of each month’s rent. It totally depends. Sometimes I get a flat fee as a consultant,” she said. “I may rent your house for $12,000 a month or $3,000 a month.”

The New Orleans Film Commission accepts submissions and photos from property owners and lists available properties on its website. That includes housing for cast and crew as well as film locations.

Flanery said property owners should factor in the cost for utilities when considering how much to rent their properties for and said to make sure they are working with a production that’s registered with the city’s film commission.

While there are plenty of houses available, there is a high demand for more commercial space in the Garden District and Bywater areaa for post-production offices, Flanery said.

“That’s where they want to have their production offices,” she said. “If we continue to have decent weather and no more issues, I can see this being a really sustainable industry.”

Update: Owners and realtors desiring to make available their properties as potential filming locations can also list them on the Louisiana Entertainment website here.



Viola said...

I never thought there would be an interest or a micro-business in finding properties for the film industries. Maybe I should look into it or at least tell about it to my realtor friends.



Writing 4 Effect said...

Fantastic article about what's happening in Nahllywood (get it--Naleans and Hollywood ... anyway). I had no idea the area as so popular with movie studios. Good for you ya'll. Hopefully, it's giving the local economy a big shot in the real estate arm and helping boost the tourism industry there.

Penelope J. said...

Good to hear about the upside of post-Katrina New Orleans. A feel good take after all the unhappy stories still coming out from that area. Thanks for this enlightening post.