Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Janitas at the Rendon Inn-Eat There

Here's a post by NOLA's Craig Gieseke about the relocation of his restaurant Janita's at the Rendon Inn

Sunday marked our third anniversary of being honored enough to serve our food every day in one of the greatest food cities in the world. We've been lucky enough to put some nice hardware on the wall from Zagat and others, to make some money doing what we do and to apparently have enough of a reputation so the local foodie community takes note of when we do something. Most of all, we've seen so many nice customers follow us from our last location to our new one. We see some every day and return business, particularly when someone goes out of their way, is the nicest compliment of all. Thank you.

Read the whole post at the link above

To view the menu (in three pictures) go here.

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