Tuesday, November 09, 2010

SEVEN MONTHS of Lip Service

Screw you, Lisa Jackson from the EPA.

From the website Project Gulf Impact a report of what went down in the first meeting with useless Lisa Jackson:

Elizabeth Cook, stood up in front of the entire crowd demand answers for why the human health concerns were not being addressed. Cook also demanded answers on why there were no members of the CDC or any other health related organizations on the panel. Lisa Jackson politely told Cook she would try to address her question, yet this committee was “ecosystem” focused, not health.

From another attendee:
“I hand delivered to Lisa Jackson the report that (environmental scientist)Wilma Subra did for us on the Whole Blood Analysis. I told her I would be glad to give her the individual analysis on the workers & residents, started to explain how the report shows that people are being exposed at four times the 95th percentile<,/u> & the Ethylbenzene, m,p-Xylene and Hexane are volatile organic chemicals that are present in the BP Crude Oil. (Then) the secret service asked me to move away from Mrs. Jackson, then when I was trying to leave, I had to pass Lisa, and the secret service tried to rush me…until he realized I was only trying to exit. Lisa acted as if she had heard nothing of Wilma’s report… Let’s see if that’s case now…”

Lisa, I hope you never have to suffer like the Gulf Coast Residents exposed to these VOCs are suffering. But you WILL in some way pay for turning your back on these people.

Something else I've seen that may be an avenue worth pursuing

ATTENTION GULF RESIDENTS - Here is the link to the contact info for the US Surgeon General's Office. I believe this is who should be helping all the people that are ill from the BP Offshore Oil Drilling Catastrophe and the related toxic exposure to the Hydrocarbon VOCs and Corexit. Forget Secretary Jackson/EPA and Secretary Salazar/Interior -- their "duties" and offices are not for human health/illnesses. Start focusing on the US Surgeon General's Office. http://www.surgeongeneral.gov/contactus/index.html

Here's another link covering the "proceedings"

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