Sunday, November 28, 2010

BP Strikes again

A woman who worked the beach cleanup related to the BP Oil Spill relates her experiences in dealing with BP's decision to hide the impact of the spill.

"It was like a covert operation......."

"You could see the fumes coming up...."

"Some 3rd party safety guy calls me over and says I'm gonna need you to remove your mask because it's not necessary at this time"

"One of the questions I had to answer to get this job was that I am responsible for my safety"

"They want the beaches to be open, they don't care about the workers out there getting sick"

"there was a dog and pony show and they'd say that you need to go and clean this beach where there was no oil to clean up"

"If they think that they're gonna walk away from the Gulf Coast they are wrong"

"Obama gets on Nat'l TV saying the water's safe, the seafood is safe, swim in the's totally toxic!"

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