Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Louisiana bashing returns

You didn't think it would go away did you? The bashing of people who live and work in Louisiana. It's all the rage, as evidenced by the boneheaded ignorant comments following an article in the Washington Post found here.

Entitled "Six months after the spill, BP's money is changing the gulf as much as its oil", the article tells the story of BP paying "huge" sums of money to Gulf Coast shrimpers and makes it sound as if the shrimpers would rather sit around and collect the money than shrimp. Geesh.

Here's a sampling of the "love" from our fellow "United States" citizens:

Geria wrote:
This is another fraud being perpetrated on the people of the Gulf. The whole purpose of the toxic dispersant was to hide the oil and make the water appear normal. That doesn't make it normal as any scientist will tell you!

jrussell1 wrote:
So Acy Cooper, shrimper and vice president of the state's shrimpers association, seems to have found the luxury of BP welfare. The shrimpers begged to be able to go shrimping in that oily water so they could make a living by selling us contaminated seafood, but now that they're getting a nice fat paycheck from BP they elect to stay home. He is probably a life long conservative and has railed against Federal Welfare all his life. How ironic.

FLvet wrote:
We are a nation of deadbeats looking for a handout.

Don't get me wrong, there ARE commenters who defend the Gulf Coast people. But the ignorance of the others makes me see red.

May they live through a few disasters themselves.

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