Monday, September 06, 2010

Lovely Long Weekend

Hubby and I made the right decisions this weekend to take advantage of the low temps and humidity to do one of our favorite things - see how some of our nature trails were doing.

On Friday we checked out Lake Road in Lacombe. Anyone familiar with this area knows that Lake Road is a narrow gravel road with a few houses that is a fantastic place to fish and crab. The end of the road is called "Goose Point" and it offers a great view of Lake Pontchartrain and a skyline view of the city of New Orleans

Here are our pix

Crabbers crabbing

Sea birds enjoying the day....that pelican had a HUGE wingspan!

Here the pelican is "flexing" his wingspan

Here is a link to a FB friend with pictures taken the same day we decided to check out Lake Road in Lacombe.

After visiting Lake Road (former home to the BEST boiled crabs in SE Louisiana - Glockners) - we decided to head west to Mandeville for lunch and shopping.

During our trek on I12, we spotted a site something neither of us have ever seen

Both of us asked "why didn't they just fly the dang helicopter to its destination?"

Sunday morning we got up early to begin our trek at the Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge 10 minutes away from home in Lacombe, La.

This has got to be the most peaceful place I've found in my area. Let's let the pictures tell the story.

The kudzu - wild vines - has taken over a Katrina-killed pinetree and to me (because I'm getting ready to go to WDW) looks like Mickey Mouse.

Hubby finally got a decent photo of me (can you tell by my arms I've been working out? LOL)

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This was one of the most camera hungry dragon flies I ever met!!!! He/She spent at least 15 minutes "posing" for us.

Ooops, hubby took this picture on Friday when we went to check out the bridge across Bayou Lacombe on the Tammany Trace. I don't know if this was a parent transporting a baby or a dirty old man grasshopper having sex with a young grasshopper. Which ever, he did good, didn't he?

The Boy Scout trail is 2 miles one way and leads the traveler thru 2 miles of so many different ecosystems.

Hey, y'all this trip is free and is an easy jaunt. Your tax dollars are paying for the upkeep of this area and I must say that the money is well spent.

This is a trip for those willing to explore the other parts of southeast Louisiana that are NOT New Orleans.

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