Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ken took too big of a bite

Mr. Feinberg seems to have bit off more than he could chew in the BP case.

Here's an article about his performance in Orange Beach, Alabama.....pretty p.o.'d people there.

Why? Because Ken - who seems to think that by just saying something will happen will make it happen - is learning the truth about dealing with a behemoth of a corporation that has the ability to control the US Government, including the EPA, Fish and Wildlife, Coast Guard and a host of others.

Mister Ken was the "pay czar" for the victims of Nine-Eleven, which must have been easier to deal with than the current situations involving a mega corporation who has raped the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Louisiana and is currently trying to sneak out of town.

Here's a link to an audio from WWL radio interviewing Mr. Fineburg on the mess that is the BP compensation fund.

More to come as it becomes available.

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