Monday, August 23, 2010

Real Americans, Please Stand Up

One of my favorite "talk show" people from the 70's thru the 80's - Dick Cavett - opines on the silly "mosque" to do going on.

Here is the link to the whole piece and here
is a piece of it, hoping you read it all

These are not proud moments in my heritage. But now, I’m genuinely ashamed of us. How sad this whole mosque business is. It doesn’t take much, it seems, to lift the lid and let our home-grown racism and bigotry overflow. We have collectively taken a pratfall on a moral whoopee cushion.

I'm a person of few words and I am at awe at the UNNECESSARY too wordy replies to this post. I feel like yelling: tell it in 30 words or less!!!! But that's just me.

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