Sunday, August 01, 2010

Not so fast, BP

From Kristen Psaki of Huffpo, a post about how BP and - probably with the blessing of the freaking U.S. Government - is getting ready to screw Louisiana AGAIN. Here is an excerpt from the above link:

Unfortunately, the meeting unexpectedly turned into a "listening session" describes (Craig)Taffaro,
"Here we are thinking we're going to a meeting to discuss post-capping activities, and we're handed a plan before there's even a discussion. It just sort of illustrated the very source of our frustration."

In another article from

Jittery local officials are trying to stop BP PLC from removing some of the equipment and workers the company deployed along the Gulf Coast to cope with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as it prepares to start sealing its damaged oil well for good on Tuesday.

Though the leak was stopped after the well was capped temporarily in mid-July, elected officials in several Louisiana parishes say manpower and equipment must remain there because the true scope of the disaster is still not understood.

Also because we are in the HEART of hurricane season. The damn well hasn't even been permanently capped yet and the relief well hasn't been completed due to trash in the line (I'm no engineer, the words are mine). We don't know what could happen because THIS DISASTROPHE IS NOT OVER, Y'ALL!!

More from the Kristen Psaki of Huffpo
Has the oil disappeared? Or, do we need to be asking a few different questions: Why are parish presidents and affected community members easily able to spot oil slick and sheen? What is the process for cleaning up the millions of gallons of subsurface oil that now seems to be out-of-sight and out-of-mind?

Good questions, Kristen. Keep at this, we need you here, because without reporters like you, we'd be screwed due to the depth of the federal gov't involvement in this disastrophe.

BP, do what you said you were going to do:

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