Friday, August 06, 2010

The disastrophe is just beginning

Apparently a mass fish kill was witnessed in Fourchon yesterday (August 5, 2010).

from this link (read the whole story here) an excerpt:

A lot of birds are eating the dead and dying fish. A lot of oil is still in the water and saturating the sands and marshes. The media and BP are talking like everything is fine down here, and a visible lessening of the work force is apparent. Saturated boom still lines many of the beaches and marshes further contaminating substrates and wildlife. Large swaths of weathered oil still mat Grand Isle, Grand Terre Island, and likely all of the other barrier islands that were oiled, and it is unlikely that we'll ever get a satisfactory answer to what forces combined to kill these fish in Fourchon, Louisiana. Gosh it kind of sounds like I've lost faith in the system, but it feels more like it was ripped away from me by a mega corporation, and the Government and media that it bought.

Break Down of Species of Birds Present With at Least One Oiled Individual:

Most birds with oil were lightly oiled, and the oil looked old and weathered.

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barbawit said...

It seems like the people with financial interest in this mess are the ones trying to sugarcoat it. I think the longterm effects of this have yet to be discovered, and that they could be far more damaging than tar balls on beaches, and oiled marsh grass.