Monday, July 26, 2010

The Season has begun

July 26, 2010...Monday...5:45 pm

All day long we've been having heavy rainstorms with thunder and lightening.

Typical Gulf Coast weather.

This afternoon about 5:45 power went out after three little "blips". It stayed out till 8:15 this evening.

Actually it wasn't that bad. Hubby and I took our evening cocktails out on the patio and discussed my upcoming forced retirement and our love for our cats and nature, followed by him bringing his guitar and strumming some wonderful acoustic sounds.

At about 8-ish the power came on and "wooze" could be heard all around the neighborhood.

This is our wakeup call. Time to check the battery supply, time for hubby to run that line to plug in our generator, time to get ready for mother nature's decisions.

We'll be okay. Been here, done that. We can handle this after BP. But pray for us nonetheless, y'all.


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