Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A request for help

From Pensacola resident Diana Stephens
A message that might help us "Fight BP on their own turf".

Who knows, it may work. Please read and send an email to Ms. Caroline Lucas (email in this message)

Got this reply from Rob, a UK resident, in response to one of my oil spill vids on Youtube. He suggest that we, the American people. contact a minister in the Parliment, whose platform is focused on the environment and Ecology. Since BP is a British company, I believe this is a great idea.

*** PLEASE be kind in your email to her. . . she is sympathetic to our cause and may be able to help get Corexit banned in the US. ****

Here is his reply:

"hi Diana,

I'm from the UK and have been watching this tragedy unfold with horror and sadness - my heart goes out to all you locals esp. the media over here has been useless in reporting the truth, which is to be expected with such a huge corporation involved. Very few people I fear are really aware of what's going on.

A huge worry and mistake is clearly the use of corexit, and I have been thinking about how to raise the awareness of the problem with the public. Seeing as BP is considered by many to be a British company, I think it's about time we got our government involved. We have one (yes, only one) green party politician who holds a seat in our parliament (for Brighton). Her whole politics is based around the enviroment and ecology.

I've been writing to others like you who've been doing an amazing job on youtube with the suggestion that you and as many locals and viewers write to this minister. Her email is as follows:


She is able to raise issues in public debate within the house of commons, directly to the prime minister and all of our politicians. The debates are also televised, so will go out to the nation and be picked up by the media. I don't know whether or not she is already working on this, but my view is that if she is bombarded with emails directly from you residents at source, then she will find herself at the centre of an ecological mission that her conscience will find hard to ignore. We can put this mission upon her in the nicest way, as she is quite possibly the most influential green politician in the UK.

I would like to suggest that perhaps the most pressing issues to begin with are to make her aware of the vile horrors of corexit, and urge her to request that the government force BP to cease using this chemical, and to accept the offers of outside help which they have so far refused, as after all this is now a global issue rather than a corporate one.

I hope you are able to co-ordinate as many emails as possible to Caroline - I really think there is a possibility of achieving something this way. Please pass this message on to as many as possible.
Good luck and all the very best to you,

A short polite email - detailing what we have been and are going thru - might just help us. Please, send one to her. Thanks


judyb said...

Here's my email

Dear Ms. Lucas,
I am a resident of southeast Louisiana - once a verdant and peaceful place. We - along with the entire Gulf of Mexico coastline - have been fighting the never ending onslaught of oil that is still gushing from the Deepwater Horizon 50 miles off of the Louisiana Coast. It is fast becoming overwhelming to a point that we don't know where to turn. Our own Environmental Protection Agency has allowed the use of Corexit dispersant (http://thanks-katrina.blogspot.com/2010/05/too-much-coverup-going-on.html) even after they "requested" that BP stop using it..

As of July 6, 2010 the total use of dispersants used is as follows:
Surface dispersant used: more than 1.06 million gallons
Subsea dispersant used: more than 645,000 gallons
Total dispersant used: more than 1.71 million gallons

(These numbers were taken from the daily activity report from deepwaterhorizonresponse.com.)

Our own press corps has been giving us lip service. (NBC's Brian Wilson and CNN's Anderson Cooper are the few exceptions). and it seems as if our own Federal Government is doing the same thing.

I am writing to you with hopes that you can do something to help us in our plight. Perhaps by raising some of our issues in public debate within the House of Commons, or directly to the Prime Minister. Anything that you can do to help us would make us all deeply appreciative.

Judy Thorne
Slidell, LA.

Anonymous said...


I am an ex-pat from the Gulf Coast living in the UK. I think the idea to contact UK Members of Parliament is a good one. I just held an event here in Eastbourne, East Sussex called 'Swamp Aid' (seewww.swampaid.org) to highlight the Gulf disaster and to raise money in aid of the Greater New Orleans Foundation Gulf Oil Spill Fund. Our MP here attended the event and is very sympathetic (we swore him in as an 'Honorary Cajun'). His name is Stephen Lloyd and he's a Liberal democrat. Hi semail is: stephen.lloyd.mp@parliament.uk
He may be able to help.

judyb said...

Thanks Anon! Will pass this along.