Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moratorium impact to Louisianians

Granted, offshore drilling is dangerous. But right now there is no alternative for energy awaiting to be embraced. So face it folks, we need oil for the near term until there is a safer, greener alternative.

That said, the impact of Obama's blanket moratorium is going to have a HUGE impact. No one knows the exact numbers, but here's a guess by Loren Scott, professor emeritus at Louisiana State University.

video courtesy of heritage dot org

Add those 32,000 jobs lost to the thousands of jobs lost in the fishing industry, the ~12,000 jobs lost* by Avondale shutting down and the 1,000 jobs lost due to the cancellation of Orion program by who else: Obama.

That's about 50,000 jobs, counting the jobs lost for indirect support services. In one state.

And I'm being laid off in the 4th quarter. Oh well, I'll just go on unemployment, which was the president's answer to the job losses.

What a mess.

*12,000 jobs include the 5,000 direct and the rest are indirect jobs.

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