Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fort Pike Closing

Fort Pike and four other state historic sites will be shuttered starting Monday under a legislative directive to save money, the director of the Office of State Parks said Wednesday.

The closure of the five facilities brings to seven the number of sites closed, according to Stuart Johnson, assistant secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, and head of the parks office.

Besides Fort Pike in eastern New Orleans, which has been closed to the public and used as a staging area for oil spill operations for several weeks, the other four that will be closed on Monday are:

- Centenary State Historic Site in Jackson.

- Fort Jesup State Historic Site near Many.

- Native American mounds at Marksville State Historic Site in Avoyelles Parish.

- The Plaquemine Lock State Historic Site in Plaquemine.

Johnson said the closure of the seven sites will save the state about $350,000 a year. He said his office is exploring ways to reopen the facilities in a few months by getting local governments or historical societies to help run them.

Thanks, Legislature. You greedy bastards couldn't find some other place to find that measly $350K from? Sure, just close down wonderful sites like the above so you can have your perks and make sure your pet projects are funded. This is disgusting.

Just 11 months ago my husband and I were thrilled during our last visit there to see how far the Fort had come since Katrina and then Gustav.

I'm tired of bad news.

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gage said...

I'm tired of bad news too, and I'm tired of bad, backward-thinking governance. I'm tired of living in and giving my life's blood to a state that thinks so little of itself. For a state that touts its "unique culture", they sure don't put their money where their mouths are.