Monday, June 07, 2010

Why didn't we get this?

From Deepwater Horizon Response External Affairs

MIAMI -- A Sentry plan has been initiated to provide real-time ocean monitoring off the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas. Vessels will be used to conduct maritime patrols to provide early identification of any weathered oil products such as light sheen, which will naturally dissipate, or mousse mats and tar balls that could potentially threaten the Florida Keys and east coast of Florida. A vessel departed from John's Pass, near St. Petersburg, Fla. on the first patrol and patrols will generally last from four to 10 days.

Additional vessels and aircraft Sentry patrols may be implemented as necessary to provide early warning detection of any weathered oil products.These vessels are intended to provide a minimum of 48-hours additional notice so responders can maximize preparedness and response activities and notify the public There have been no reports of Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill-related oil products reaching shore in the Florida Peninsula and there is no indication that it will have impacts from weathered oil products in the near future.  Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill activities in the Florida Panhandle are being coordinated by the Incident Command Post in Mobile, Ala.

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