Thursday, June 03, 2010

We are NOT okay

The latest pictures from Boston dot com, taken today, June 3, 2010 shows the brown pelican suffering, suffocating to death in that fucking BP oil that washed ashore. I can't stop crying. It's been 45 days, people have lost their livlihoods, their futures. Our wildlife is suffering.

Our state bird reflects what's happening to US. Look at these pictures, see what's happening to them, know that this is MORE than the politics...can someone tell Obama? Please? He's due here tomorrow and will probably be shown another clean beach.

My heart hurts too much to show the pictues. These birds are suffering needlessly, so are Ridley Kemp turtles, oysters, shrimp larvae, crabs, fish and God knows what else.

Yet we still have to go to BP or the fucking Coast Guard (the spineless whores) with our hats in our hands and say "please can I use this to clean up my shores", "please sir can I have another".

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bayoucreole said...

I agree Judy, we are NOT okay. I was so pissed that, I put that picture of the brown pelican on my blog. This is all pretty f'd up to me.