Friday, June 04, 2010

A surviving pelican from Queen Bess Island

After six weeks with one to four birds a day coming into Louisiana's rescue center for oiled birds, 53 arrived Thursday and another 13 Friday morning.

And, center spokesman Jay Holcomb said more are on their way from the rookery on Queen Bess Island, near Grand Isle.

He described it as a change from one level of crisis to another, but said it was something that people with Tri-State Bird Rescue and the International Bird Rescue Research Center always knew would happen. About 20 people are working at the center, and so far that's plenty, Holcomb said.

He and veterinarians Heather Nevill of Tri-State and Sharon Taylor of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service say the birds were not yet ready for cleaning.

They're being kept in wooden pens with mesh covers, white cloths over those and heat lamps to keep them warm so they won't preen themselves until they can be washed.

God bless the people from International Bird Rescue Research Center and TriState Bird Rescue.

If you want to donate money to these angels, click here for Internatikonal Bird Rescue and for TriState Bird Rescue. Please.

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