Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Scuzzbucket of the Week

His name is Matthew Lynn and he's a British thriller writer and columnist for Bloomberg dot com.
In his latest column,
he shares his cold hearted feelings
about what BP should do regarding the oil spill.

BP likely is finished in the U.S. There is no form of apology that will make any difference. The average American consumer now hates BP and isn’t about to change that opinion for a generation or more. So BP should just hire the nastiest, meanest lawyers that money can buy -- the one commodity the U.S. has in over-abundance. Fight every lawsuit. Refuse every claim above the bare minimum. You’re going to get hammered anyway, so you might as well go down fighting.

Just say: “Thanks for everything guys. It was good while it lasted. Sorry about the oil spill, but so it goes. Goodbye and goodnight.”

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