Monday, June 21, 2010

Love Billy Nungesser

From Facebook page My Home, A Way of Life
'The people BP sent out to clean up oil trampled the nesting grounds of brown pelicans and other birds.' 'We ought to take him offshore and dunk him 10 feet underwater and pull him up and ask him 'What's that all over your face?' 2>Billy Nungesser, on BP CEO Tony Hayward"

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for Bill N., he needs all the "good" help he can get right now. He is the spirt that will bring back and save Lousiana from this terrable in-justus which has put the state and all the good people back in the place they do not deserve to be in. I feel we need to bring back the American tradition of helping one another which seems to have been lost. Thank You Billy, ... Regards Sully