Saturday, May 29, 2010

We are not okay

It starts again, not even five years post Katrina. Our government allows itself to be lied to about the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and we are forgotten. BP is in charge because "it's their money", so they won't allow journalists to do their jobs. Our two state senators are removed from this disaster. One wants to limit big oil's liability, the other is just a wack job. All I can say is thank the lord for Billy Nungesser, Craig Tafarro, Kevin Davis, Charlie Melancon, Anderson Cooper and WWL radio.

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gage said...

We are definitely not okay.

In my case, I doubt seriously I'll live long enough to see the Gulf restored, if in fact that'll ever happen. It may be that one to many dominoes have fallen.

For me, my greatest task at this moment is to not allow my anger over this to consume me. that's going to be hard because I've been angry over the situation along Louisiana's coastline for a long time prior to this event.

Louisiana has been so contemptuous of ecologists, so afraid we'd lose the oil industry here were we to rock their boat a bit, that we've simply given the industry carte blanche in our state and, expressly, in our wetlands. Even the people who were hired to keep an eye on things have turned a blind eye.

It's criminal.