Friday, May 07, 2010

Our Pantry

Another article from the NY Times:

“That marsh is really our pantry, and that’s why we are so afraid,” said Frank Brigtsen, the New Orleans chef who runs two restaurants that serve an abundance of Louisiana seafood.

In New Orleans, people are more philosophical. It is the Katrina effect, they say. Once you have lost your house and your boat, even members of your family, you learn not to worry about things you cannot control.

“So you buy 20 pounds of shrimp and put it in your freezer,” said Mirta Valdes, who has lived in New Orleans since emigrating from Cuba in 1963. “Tomorrow, there could be another storm and knock out all the electricity, and then you lose your stash anyway.”


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swampwoman said...

I remember when we evacuated for Gustav. We had just picked almost a bushel of boiled crabs a few weeks before and made 4 dozen stuffed crabs. We packed a cooler with ice and put all those stuffed crabs in the cooler, and ate on them for 4 days. So even when the power is out, you can still enjoy your frozen bounty. Hopefully the storms will cooperate this season and the power will remain on.