Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A list of items needed in oilspill cleanup

From Gulf response dot org:

We are currently working with our response partners to identify needs. Individuals interested in gathering supplies in their community should use the list below as a guide. We are in the process of identifying staging areas where donated materials can be accepted. When those locations are identified they will be posted here. Please check back for regular updates.

Bug spray
Safety glasses (clear and dark)
Chicken boots
E-tech gloves
Safety utility knives
Diesel cans (yellow)
5-gallon gas cans
Outboard motor oil
Dip nets (small mesh)
Pool cleaning nets
Mosquito head nets
Flat shovels
Spade shovels
Pitch forks
Duct tape
Work vests

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Anonymous said...

You Can help!!
The oil spill in the gulf can use your help: